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How To Remove Bitpaymer Ransomware ? (Virus Removal Guidance)

October 23, 2018 by Computer Expert

Ransomware is highly dangerous to affect the victim’s data and make it useless. It is required to have proper precautionary measures against this virus as most of them are not having their decrypt tool to safeguard your files after the attack. This will require using proper means by which you can have your data secured and saved over a safe drive or a cloud.

With the advancement of technology, it has become extremely easy to share files with any individual over the internet. This is further leading to higher chances of risk for any of the person who is surfing various websites online. Most people who are not aware of surfing the internet safely are mainly targeted by these kinds of viruses. This mainly results as they are not aware of the possible ways in which virus can infect their computer.

Bitpaymer Ransomware

Brief about the Bitpaymer ransomware attack

Recently there was an attack by the ransomware which is named Bitpaymer which was a multi-virus attack over the entire city. It can be considered as one of the major attack done by cybercriminals to showcase the loopholes existing in the system. One should be aware of these loopholes and try to rectify them to ensure that such kind of attack doesn’t take place in future.

According to the reports which are obtained from the IT director at Matanuska-Susitna Borough Eric Watt, the region which suffered an attack is still trying to recover from the same. This major attack is giving us a signal that there is a requirement of taking strong steps for fighting against these kinds of cybercriminals. The attack was involving a number of different kind of malware which contributed to increasing the severity of the attack. When the attack took place it exposed the local admin permissions and also lead to attack over all the windows based devices which were present at the location. It is believed that data on any of the network might have been compromised due to the massive attack and the work is being done considering the worst case scenario of all the networks are compromised.

Till the time when the security team has started working on terminating the virus, it has already compromised 500 workstations and 120 servers. This attack is not believed to get the money by the cybercriminals but to actually hack down important and sensitive data. They can then use this data to alter the operations of the city and also in want of any kind of financial reward.

Working over the attacked computers

Officials are already working to help in solving the problem of affected computers and were able to recover around 110 workstations. Even cleaning of the data was done to retrieve the data or possibly decrypt it if possible. Though some of the systems of the location used to work as usual and many of the government IT specialists and people concerned with the security are working to rectify the problem as fast as possible. Until the time all the data is retrieved and restored people over, there are using typewriters for preparing the receipts. This will help them to remain secure from any kind of further threats to hinder their daily activities. Looking at the scale of damage which this attacked has caused, it has become extremely essential to think about the loopholes which are existing in the current system.

It is extremely required to work out the loopholes which can hinder the current progress of our nation which is highly done by the cybercriminals. They are just taking the advantage of the widespread acceptance of the technology all over the world to target larger audience groups. Even it has become easier for them as the number of appliances and gadgets are getting interconnected.

This makes it necessary to identify the likely threat which we can face if a particular network is compromised. It is required as many of the systems is interconnected which can result in one system infecting other from the common connection between them. For maintaining security, it will require careful examination of the possible threats and the steps which we can take to eradicate the same.

The occurrence of cyber attacks in different countries

It is not the first time when such a large-scale attack has taken place. With the advancement of technology, it has become quite common to have an attack over a specific network which can connect the criminals to a grid of networks and devices. This is ultimately facilitating them to convert a small attack into a larger one with minimum efforts.

During the earlier times, these viruses were targeting the individual systems. With the advancement, these criminals realized that by targeting a complete network they can gain more revenue has made them target accordingly. This resulted in ransomware targeting bigger companies for the amount which the attacker or the developer of the virus requires.

Until the end of the year of 2017, about 35% of the smaller and medium-sized companies have encountered an attack by the ransomware. It requires careful attention to this issue in order to have a clear idea about the cyber security. During the period of March 2018, hackers were successful to even affect the service of paying the city bills and also getting access to the court information available online.

After facing attack, the city spent about $2 million for getting everything recovered back safely and makes them function in a normal way back. It is even suspected that there will be a requirement of about $9.5 million for getting completely rid of all the effects which are caused by this virus. This poses a serious question about the cyber security which we have and how much improvement it requires to safeguard it from these attackers.

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