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A Brief Overview Of Ransomware How Ransomware Attacks Works?

December 27, 2018 by Computer Expert

Gadgets are getting quite popular and as a result, people are using it to perform a number of activities. Even the applications which are available in those gadgets are proving to be handy to perform different tasks. The internet is proving to be of great help in using these gadgets in a more productive manner. One can now easily find the information which they require with the use of internet on their gadget.

Internet not only proves productive but might even turn out to be detrimental in nature. There is a large number of viruses available on the internet. Each of these viruses is having their own traits of harming the device which they infect. One should, therefore, remain cautious about their device getting infected with the virus. If they find that their device is in some way infected with virus then they should find a way of removing them as it can damage them in terms of information and financial.


What is a virus?

We are using many different kinds of programs in our daily lives. Each of those programs is designed for a specific purpose. People are using those programs to simplify the tasks which they are performing. Useful programs are performing their task with the proper consent of the user and are in no way harming the user and their important data.

There are many different kinds of malicious programs too which are performing their task without the consent of the user. Mainly they are working suspiciously in the background without making the user aware of their presence. Some of them are also designed to damage the user data or leak them for the benefit of the developer of those programs.

Programs which are designed to cause harm to the user in terms of either data or financial, then those programs are termed as a virus. Many different kinds of the virus exist and each one of them is having their own unique traits. Though each virus functions differently, they are having the main function of providing the benefit of their developers.

Brief introduction of ransomware

We all are having numerous important data stored in our device. It is required to ensure that it doesn’t fall in hands of suspicious people who might misuse them. Some of those data is also related to financial transactions which might cause you financial loss if they fall in hands of the developers of the virus. This will require taking proper precautions for our data and device which we are using.

Ransomware is a kind of virus which is capable of locking down your data. When you get infected with ransomware, it will encrypt all your data. The key to decrypt this data will only be available with the developer of the virus. After getting infected with the virus, developer of the virus will ask for ransom money to decrypt your data. Never provide them money, as in the majority of the cases they don’t provide the key to decrypt files after getting the ransom money.

For making you believe that they are having the decryption key, they will even show you decryption of few files. Most people believe them as their some file is decrypted by the developer. They fall into the trap by paying the developer of the virus. As the device gets infected with the virus, it will slowly start encrypting the files based on a certain key. This key is generated based on the kind of ransomware which is infecting your device.

When your device is infected with ransomware, all of the files and folders will get encrypted and locked. Those locations will provide a text file giving details about how one can get their data back. It will provide information about where one should contact to get further help. This contact information is of the attacker who has installed ransomware on your device. As a result, never try to contact them over the details which they have provided.

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Sources of ransomware

There are many different sources from where this kind of virus can infect your device. The most primary source is via malicious file or program. We find a number of different programs available on the internet which we use to make our task easier. This ransomware is attached to these programs in the form of bundling. So, when a user installs the program, it also installs the virus in their device. One should, therefore, be cautious enough while installing any new program.

With the spread of social media, it is very easy to share any of the files to any individual. These files might have a malicious program attached to them. So, if you access these file, your device will get infected with the ransomware. The primary source of this kind of files can be via social media platforms or even spam emails which are quite common in today’s time. One should, therefore, be cautious enough when they are accessing emails from the unknown source.

In today’s time, developing website has become quite simpler. It has resulted in the development of many websites. Some of them are malicious in nature with the malicious script running on them. This makes it difficult for any normal user to identify which website might prove to be malicious for them. They should, therefore, take proper precautions while clicking on any of the suspicious links which they might receive.

When you click on these suspicious links, it might open a website which is developed by the suspicious individual. It can have a malicious script or even some program which might damage your device. Take proper care if you are visiting some of the websites or using some application which is having an unknown source. By using those kinds of programs or website, you might increase your chances of getting infected with malicious applications like ransomware.


Thus, we can say that there are numerous sources by which one can get infected with a ransomware virus. Once you are infected it will encrypt your data which will ask for ransom money to get your data back. It is highly recommended that you don’t provide them ransom money as they won’t help you to get back the data after receiving the payment.


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